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The System

UNDER CONTRUCTION: This is webpage will be translated into Spanish and it is currently being enhanced with more comprehensive set of models to be used with APIs. The new tools are: 1) Estimation of crop development, growth and yield under the influence of water table with different salinity. 2) Estimation of crop development, growth and yield at different times during the crop growing season: at maturity and in-season with weather outlooks.

EN CONSTRUCCION: Esta página de Internet va a ser traducida al castellano y actualmente está siendo mejorada con la incorporación de nuevos modelos para ser usados con APIs. Estas nuevas herramientas son: 1) Predicción de desarrollo, crecimiento y rendimiento de cultivos bajo la influencia de capa freática con diferentes tenores salinos. 2) Predicción de desarrollo, crecimiento y rendimiento de cultivos durante diferentes estados del cultivo: a madurez y durante el ciclo ante diferentes perspectivas climáticas.

For further information, please contact: javiermarcos@agro-data.net

AGRO-DATA has the purpose of building a framework of tools to support the assessment and management of improved cropping systems. The system consists of a web-based implementation of known and proved methods for the quantification of environment-crop relationships (e.g. cropping simulation models).

  1. Potential applications of this framework are:
    • Evaluation and design of cropping systems. Assessment of production potential and constraints of different situations at the farm and region-wide scopes. The framework can assist in the selection of different alternatives like seeding dates, varieties choice, water use practices, rotations design, etc.
    • Optimization of crop management: it can support the decision making process for proper selection of tactical options during a production process like fertilization strategies, residue management, etc.
    • Impact assessment of climate change and weather uncertainties on crop production.
    • Short- and long-term effects of soil management on carbon dynamics and productivity.
  2. Effective tools: well-developed cropping simulation models, once properly calibrated and validated, can be very effective for the prediction of the behavior of agro-ecosystems.