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  • PetMantraa is a Startup that has a vision of Embracing Pets. PetMantraa is an online Pet care Platform catering to All Needs of Pets and their Pet Parents with Remote Petcare consultation, Pet Mating being two of many Line of Businesses.
  • PetMantraa’s mission is to be the ‘Best in Class’ Innovative and Trusted ‘One Stop Solution’ for all Pets’ needs with a vision to create an effective holistic approach to pet care at any time from anywhere.
No Participation Fee
Rules to Participate in the contest
  • Follow the page and share the post
  • Click two pictures
    • 1) a cute picture of your pet
    • 2) a combined picture of your pet along with your own picture for authenticity purposes.
  • Also share Pet's Name, Type and Breed. And Pet parents Name, Email, Mobile and Location (City or State).
General Terms & Conditions
  • Please follow our Website or social media handles / pages for all further details.
  • For better quality of picture, please email your pet's cute picture at, else whatsapp or Insta DM
  • Also, in the same email, send Full postal address, Nature of job/business of the pet parent
  • We would start posting the pics on all our Social handles from 10th - 25th December, 2020
  • Results will be declared by PetMantraa on 25th December, 2020.
  • Prize money would be transferred to the winners on the same day.
  • e-certificates to be mailed within two days.
  • Merchandise Hampers in 4-5 days